Friday, July 23, 2010

Self Portrait...Self Discovery

One of my old friends from high school (Heather Rose) is a great photographer...I have admired her pictures for awhile now...and especially her "self portraits".  I was thinking that I would give this a shot...literally!  So today...during some of my vacation time...I decided to play around with taking some self portraits.  Warning...this is not easy!  I felt pretty silly taking pictures of myself...but really this is a great exercise in getting to know yourself!  (and your camera...if you are new to I am).

So here are some of my attempts...enjoy, laugh, cry...whatever you feel like!
Have a great day!

So, who is going to try this?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wonderful time in Port A...

We had a wonderful time last week in Port Aransas with Page's family...Ed, Dana, Megan, Trey, Amelia, Nolan, Whitney Cristina and Jonah!!!  Boy the family has grown!  We had some "Aunt Jen and Uncle Page" time with three sweet little bundles of love!  Jonah, Amelia and Nolan!

We had a beautiful condo rented at Seagull Condominiums...unit 905 is a great choice!  Three bedrooms and a living area for all of us to enjoy some wine and visiting...and look out at the beautiful ocean!

I think this needs to be an annual event!  :-)

Cheers to the wonderful grandparents that watched all the the parents and aunt and uncle could enjoy a nice dinner in Port A.  :-)

love, Jen

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sally sells sea shells....

By the seashore!

Looking forward to seeing some of these soon...

And enjoying a view like this....

Happy summer!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010



I attended the National School Counselors Association conference in Boston during the July 4th weekend...and we had a blast!

Boston is a beautiful city!!  The food is outstanding, city was clean, people were friendly and funny...and Fenway Park was awesome.  The conference was great too!!

Tonight is my last night here in Boston...I fly home tomorrow...and I am ready to be home with Page my doggies and my own bed!