Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In Memory of my mom: Laquita Hayden

I have never written a blog before...this is my first attempt. For those of you that didn't know - my mom passed away very suddenly last September. It was a very shocking and tragic event for our whole family. I am only 35 and my mom was a young mother...she passed away one month after her 55th birthday.

I woke up this morning thinking of my mom...and I thought I would post a few photos of some great memories. My brother (Rodney music singer ) is having his first music festival this weekend. My mom would have been so excited to be a part of this special day! I guess that is one of the reasons I wanted to pay tribute to her today. She is going to be there with us on Saturday in spirit. Rodney wrote a song for her that will be on his new album...that will be debuted this weekend. We were the closest family...and we owe so much to mom! She was sweet, caring, and would have given her last dime to someone in need.

We love and miss you mom!


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  1. Well I love your first post! I hope you guys have a blast this weekend! Take lots of pics for us to see on your blog!!

    Take Care Jen!