Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Family Weekend in Port Aransas...

What a great time we had...acting silly, laughing, enjoying life.  Life is made up of many moments...and my brother just wrote a song that says "Too Many Highs, Too Many Lows...and not enough time in between"...we tried to concentrate on the meaning of that song...and enjoy time with each other just being family!  Here are some of our pictures...you may notice that we are a silly bunch!
www.rodneyhayden.com to hear the song from his new album "Tavern of Poets"

a beautiful view from our balcony!

Rodney and Shenna

Shenna, Rodney, Jennifer and Page

Dad took us out to dinner for Shenna and Jen's birthday!!!  Yum Yum!

Dad had fun!

Page took this picture of me and I liked the lighting!

Shenna enjoying some wine after opening her birthday presents!  Happy 27th Birthday sweet sissy...

Page and Jennifer

OK...we were being really silly...

hmmm...wonder what he focused the telescope on...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

April Showers bring....lots of flowers!

After the pouring rain...I went outside to capture some of the beauty...notice that the flowers have some droplets of rain still waiting to dry.  Beautiful Sunday...please don't fly by!  Let us enjoy the sunshine and be thankful for the showers! 

Happy Spring from The Blantons!

And since it is time for Fiesta....
the wreath I made...

Have a great week!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sandfest 2010

What a wonderful weekend...
Sandfest 2010
Port Aransas

This year I went to Sandfest with two great friends...Donna and Kalin Johnson.

Friday night we went to dinner and had a yummy meal...then back to the condo to relax and visit...our balcony had a gorgeous view of the ocean...

Saturday morning we had coffee on the balcony...and decided to venture into town to find "Sandfest"
We were not prepared for the crowds!!  WOW...lots of people love to attend...but we were jamming to some of Kalin's upbeat tunes and tried not to let the crowds get us down!

Not sure if you can tell...but this picture is the line of cars just to get on the beach!  We decided to park at my friend Marnie's house and walk!  This was a much better plan...we easily walked and passed all of these cars on foot!  

Once we made it down to the beach...
We understood why the lines were so long...people everywhere!

but...unlike "Spring Break"...this was an event full of families, dogs and all kinds of characters...very laid back crowd!  Fun to people watch...

and Dog watch...

aren't these jeans cute???

Anyway...the rest of the weekend was great...we were back to our condo to rest and relax by 3:00...then an early dinner at Virginia's...where we had some yummy oysters on the half shell...

It was a wonderful relaxing weekend!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Ok....so I haven't had time to write on this blog in quite some time!  The reason is a good one...I have been busy!  I promised to post pictures of some of my latest venture...

My veggie garden includes:  tomatoes, several types of peppers, squash, cucumbers and bell peppers!
Herb pot with lots of mint (for mojitos)!!
lettuce (and we have already had two salads that were delicious)!!

tomatillos and tomatoes

And I have to dedicate this post to a very special dog...our Luke.  He lived a great life and was laying by my side as I planted all of my veggies and flowers this year during spring break...he was almost 18 years old...and was a faithful and loyal friend.  He will be greatly missed by many.  Our hearts ache because we miss him...