Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Anthony Bourdain - We love this show!

Page and I have been watching Anthony Bourdain "No Reservations" on the Travel Channel...it is a great show! I prefer the episodes that show other countries...instead of the ones about America. I know that is sad...because last night he featured "Alice Cooperstown Restaurant"- Located in downtown Phoenix, this sports bar/shrine to shock-rocker Alice Cooper is known for kick-ass music and a notorious menu item called the "Big Unit." Which is a really large hot dog...named for the baseball player/co-owner. The episodes that feature other countries (and some US cities) give a glimpse of people and how they live...all based on the food they eat. From his blog: "Normally it's the foreign food that best captures our host's attention. In the world of a cook, an understanding and appreciation of how others eat is akin to discovering secret societies and cryptic subcultures. Cooks have special access. As always, the food is only the first glimpse of a wider view of how people live their lives in faraway lands and unfamiliar territories." It is interesting to watch and very entertaining! If you have time on Monday night...watch the travel channel!

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  1. I have a MEGA crush on Anthony- I dont know why but I find him so magnetic! :)
    Whit has a man crush on him too he just wont admit it.