Friday, June 18, 2010

Memories of cooking with my grandmother...

 When I was 9 years old my Grandmother Hayden gave me a cookbook that I use all the was definately a book that helped me learn how to cook (at 9 years old I made cream puffs - using the recipe from this book)!

I always think of my grandmother when I use this book...and love the little message that she wrote to me all those years ago!  Food has a way of making memories...and there are many recipes in this book that bring back lots of memories!! 

For years my mom tried to find out my grandmother's recipe for was a family joke that nobody could quite figure out her recipe...and even when she would give it out to never quite turned out like hers.  Years went by and I decided that I wanted to learn to make meringue my grandmother gave me a lesson....and I made meringue just like hers!!!  And yes, there was a secret ingredient that is now hand-written in my cookbook (written during our "lesson" all those years ago).  Now I have it...not sure if I will share it with anyone...not yet anyway! 

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