Monday, September 6, 2010

Healthy start to the new school year!

I haven't updated my blog since school started...I have had a busy start to the new school year!  I am still working as a PK-6th grade counselor...and so far everything is going great.  

My body has been feeling "older".  Do you know what I mean???  I just have felt sort of sluggish and not great lately and decided that I needed a change in my daily intake of vitamins!  I have an awesome blender - and after lots of research and reading I have been having a smoothie breakfast/snack daily.  Each morning I wake up...and start blending!  The Vitamix blender that I use is totally awesome!  I start out by throwing the following in the blender:  One apple (cored), one orange (peeled),  5 strawberries, some rasperries, about 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries, and occasionally a handful of raw spinach!  Blend for a few seconds...and yum!  

This week I will add a scoop of two new supplements to my shake:  Vega & Mila 

I will let you know how I far so good!!!  Page is even having a smoothie breakfast!  Good for our heart and hopefully I will be a healthy gal too!

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