Saturday, January 23, 2010


Photo taken on our 2009 Port Aransas Vacation..."Walking on the beach at sunrise".  
Can you hear the seagulls?

I am not sure why...but I really feel that 2010 will be the year for some great things! It is off to a great start...

I know that it is still January....but I am really getting ready for sunshine and beautiful days...which means trips to Port Aransas! Since I was a child we have traveled to Port Aransas during the summer. When I board the ferry and hear the seagulls...nothing else seems to matter. The memories in Port A are always happy ones...and I am fortunate that I married someone with that same love for the coast!!


  1. You've been holding out on me! Not to mention Whit and his wife with her ever so stylish blog. I love both of these new finds!!!! Happy New Year

  2. I think you inspired me to try this out again! I absolutely LOVE reading your blog!!! We are thinking about a trip to Europe in the summer...I will have to let you know if we actually get something planned. Happy new year!