Friday, July 23, 2010

Self Portrait...Self Discovery

One of my old friends from high school (Heather Rose) is a great photographer...I have admired her pictures for awhile now...and especially her "self portraits".  I was thinking that I would give this a shot...literally!  So today...during some of my vacation time...I decided to play around with taking some self portraits.  Warning...this is not easy!  I felt pretty silly taking pictures of myself...but really this is a great exercise in getting to know yourself!  (and your camera...if you are new to I am).

So here are some of my attempts...enjoy, laugh, cry...whatever you feel like!
Have a great day!

So, who is going to try this?


  1. Of these, my two favorites are :

    the one in full profile, camera in the foreground—it's so matter of fact—here I am taking my picture—it seems like that might be one you took after you got warmed up, had confidence, comfort.

    the very first one, your mouth in a pucker off to the left—again, it's like the camera is no longer even important to the scene, no longer the focus (HA). This is an image of a woman at her own mirror, no one around.

    Very nice work, Jen. I look forward to seeing more

  2. oh, I see one of these in my future!