Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wonderful time in Port A...

We had a wonderful time last week in Port Aransas with Page's family...Ed, Dana, Megan, Trey, Amelia, Nolan, Whitney Cristina and Jonah!!!  Boy the family has grown!  We had some "Aunt Jen and Uncle Page" time with three sweet little bundles of love!  Jonah, Amelia and Nolan!

We had a beautiful condo rented at Seagull Condominiums...unit 905 is a great choice!  Three bedrooms and a living area for all of us to enjoy some wine and visiting...and look out at the beautiful ocean!

I think this needs to be an annual event!  :-)

Cheers to the wonderful grandparents that watched all the the parents and aunt and uncle could enjoy a nice dinner in Port A.  :-)

love, Jen

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